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First actual post = WIN.

Tommy here, I found a manga that seems interesting enough, so I’m going to post about it periodically as I read it (prolly a post after each volume.)

The Manga/Manhwa is called Veritas and is written by Yoon Joon-sik. From what I can tell from the description it’s about a kid named Gangryong Ma who gets his ass kicked in a fight against multiple other kids. Ma is saved by a mysterious fighter who is the strongest person he has ever seen. The kid becomes determined to make this new stranger his master and thus begins to train. It’s going to be the typical manga about high school and martial arts. So LET’S DO THIS!!!



Here's a pic of Ma running his ass off.



  1. This looks very generic.. Anything supernatural about it that you can tell?

    • So far the only supernatural thing about it is that the master is called Lightning Tiger, because he can isolate the element of metal in the surrounding environment and use it alongside opposite charges of energy (yin and yang) in order to create an electric charge. Other people have different abilities. Like there is one cool cat called Fire Dragon, idk what his element would be though……….

      • Haha sounds like Full Metal Alchemist because of the elements. Hmm Keep this updated so I know if it’s worth reading! 😛

  2. Very good, probably my favorite manga. Though the storyline is complex and deep. I read through it a second time and I was amazed at all the stuff I didn’t pick up on. Everything that’s needed to understand the story is there. I really like the main character, he is pretty opposite of the typical cliche shonen main characters. He doesn’t care about anyone else and only fights for himself. Kind of reminds me of guts from berserk.

    • I definitely agree with you on how different the main character is from the norm. He is awesome and I look forward to seeing how he does throughout the story! I haven’t read Berserk yet, but have recently attained a copy of the first volume form my communal library at school. So I’ll be sure to check into that one as well.

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