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Just started watching this on May 26th and it has really grabbed my attention.  Recommended for people who have seen a lot of bizarre anime involving the supernatural such as Dragon Ball or even Death Note.  Here is a quick synopsis:

Yukiteru Amano is a loner at school.  He keeps a diary in his phone about things that go on around him since he has nothing going on in his life.  Oh yeah, he has imaginary friends who are supposedly the God of Time and his little servant Mura Mura.  Turns out his imaginary friends are not imaginary and only allow Amano to see them because they have deemed him worthy to participate in a game.  This game similar to:

  1. Battle Royale
  2. The Hunger Games

is all about trying to eliminate the other participants (with 12 in all) in order to take the position as God of Time.  The main weapons given to the people in the game are the abilities of their cell phone diaries.  Each cellphone can make predictions of the future depending on the personality of the one who owns it.  For example, Amano’s cellphone can tell the future of what goes on around him since that is all he ever wrote about.

~end synopsis

So why should you watch this?

So let’s say that you are someone who is not that into anime.  You keep hearing people talk about Naruto and Bleach and they just never appealed to you.  WELL, I would like to say that a great story is a great story.  Whether it be live action, in a book, or a bunch of drawings put together, a story is a story.  People who don’t give new things a try usually have a bad  first impression on it or they are just not that interested in looking up something new.  Give this anime a try.  I usually watch the first three episodes to see if this is something I like.  Same as how I usually read the first 50 pages of a book to see if it is something I can stick with for the next 1000 pages.  Take a small taste before you flat out say it looks stupid.

So if you already have a taste for anime or if you think you want to start off on this one, this is what to expect:

There is a lot of gore.  Severed limbs are usually censored out, but it’s there.

There are supernatural forces at hand.  May turn the viewer away from this, but think again – It’s an ANIME.  Not everything is realistic (though they do a pretty good job at keeping it down to earth)

There is romance.  By that I mean a completely crazy stalker chick and very shy guys who attracts pretty much every girl.  This is a common theme with a lot of animes so I have gotten used to it.  Better than the bad guy getting the girls, right?

(The reason I got into this anime is because I first saw the opening credits, which if I like I will check it out more.  I feel like the opening has to be attention grabbing because that’s how they attract viewers at home to watch their show in the first place.  Here is a link to the opening theme song:

Also I love insane characters. Such as number 12 down here.)

You can start watching the anime here —>

This guy’s picture down here is not the main character (Amano), but another participant in the game who is known as Number 12.  He is one of my favorites!


– The most righteous will win.

I got all the other halfies to start watching this show so we will add on later when we get farther on in the series.  Maybe even come up with a rating system for the characters?  This guy gets a 10 out of 10 from me!



Ok I just finished the series.  Here are some basic things to know before starting off:

  • 26 episodes
  • 2nd opening is in ENGLISH
  • Number Nine is amazing
  • Number Three could have done so much better
  • The final 5 episodes are hard to follow (in my opinion) so try watching them in a row
  • Watch the short animations AFTER the credits because it usually has important information that is left out the main plot
  • Keep an open mind
  • VERY gory.  They even have to sensor some of the scenes because of it.  AWESOME.

Also, pretty much everyone has perfect aim with guns (doesn’t matter what kind) that they can shoot weapons out of someone’s hand without it damaging them.  One of the few things that we have to accept, along with gods, future diaries, mind control, and android dogs.

I would say this anime started off awesomely, but kind of lost me near the end.  I may have to pick up the manga to get the full story because they definitely do not tie all the loose ends.  Overall I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in flashy animations and really cool characters.  The plot, not so much.  But the characters -especially Yuno, makes up with what it is lacking in story.  Here is my character ranking from favorite to least favorite (CAUSE I CAN):

  1. Twelfth
  2. Second
  3. Ninth
  4. Third
  5. Fifth
  6. Seventh
  7. First
  8. Fourth
  9. Tenth
  10. Sixth
  11. Eleventh
  12. Eighth

Eight is last for me…  Maybe some people like her.  I thought she was just plain creepy.  She just annoys me to no end.  :[

Oh yeah!  Aru was pretty cool and an awesome fighter!  Wish he showed up for more fight scenes.

Yuno hates him 😀




Don’t read any further until you’ve finished watching it through or if you just want to ruin the fun of things.

So here I am going to talk about what I liked and what I didn’t like about the series along with what I expected.  The diaries made sense to begin with, dealing with a person’s obsession and personality pretty much.  Apparently some had more power over other diaries like 12th stated in his rock paper scissors theory.  So that means there was a diary that powered over one, was equal in power to another, and lost every time to the last.  This makes sense…. But I never saw it applied in the show except for maybe one or two times!

So every one had diaries that didn’t give too much power, just enough to get the job done.  It started off with Amano having the more overpowered diary because it could predict things around him and it makes sense because he was the main character.  However, once they introduced people like 8th and 11th, I couldn’t believe how over powered their phones were. A server phone that gives anyone power?  Seriously?  A phone that watches the other phones?!  Why did Deus put 11th in the game if he helped create everything??  Why was 8th pretty much untouchable until she started doing stupid things (like trusting other Amano and Yuno).  I thought 12th had the most overpowered diary (he could hypnotize the people in the cult somehow) but it was not nearly as good as 8th and 11th’s.

I loved the 3rd’s diary (murder diary) because it is so simple yet you could do so much with it.  I wish he was a little smarter so that he could have lived longer.  The 9th’s diary was cool because she was already a terrorist but on top of that she could escape pretty much any circumstance.  10th’s diary was stupid, just controlling dogs.. Really?!  5th was just the most random character since he was a child genius who knew all about anything!  The diaries were a hit and miss with me and I wish some of them were just not as overpowered as others.  If they gave us a chart to show which diaries out powered the other, then I wouldn’t be complaining.  But I really just think that the author just ran out of ideas near the end.  I wanna say after the battle with 10th.

Oh yeah the umbilical cord!  Really?!  That was so random and unnecessary.  They found it at the orphanage cause they keep track of that stuff.  Wow.  They couldn’t have figured out that Yuno wasn’t really Yuno from their world other than looking at an umbilical cord?  That really irritated me.

I really liked how Muru muru turned out to be crazy strong when she took off her bracelets.  That was epic.  I also liked the fight scenes with her and 9th.  Great stuff.

Oh yeah I just noticed an easter egg!  So you remember how 4th got shot at by Yuno?  Afterwards he was like “She went for the head first… that’s very uncommon.  Would have made my vest obsolete if she had connected.”  Well in the second opening you can see 4th shooting at a fake target.  He shoots at the HEAD first!  Just something random I found 😀




  1. Very cool! I’ve been watching them one episode a day (cause I’m slow), I’m looking forward to what 12 can do if he’s such a favorite.



  2. can say there will be a second season and it will be awesome

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