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Monthly Archives: June 2012

I just finished this anime and I am so glad to have given it a watch!  If you haven’t already read my first blog, here is a link to it :


  • 14 episodes in all with the last being an OVA (original video animation).
  • Originally was going to be 26 episodes but lost funding so they had to cut it short to 13.
  • Created by Key who also created Clannad and Air.
  • Somewhat of a girly anime, but has enough action and cool backstory to appeal to guys.
  • Freaking sad!

I can honestly say I cried manly tears for a few of these episodes.  It has a very good mix of humor and drama where things can go from light to grey in less than a minute.  The action scenes are really well done and the overall story was very interesting.  Definitely something you should look into if you want a quick anime that doesn’t lack in quality or story.  The characters could have been developed a little more, but seeing as how it is so short, they didn’t have a choice but to rush things.

Plot summary

So we start off with a boy (Otonashi) who wakes up in the middle of a school ground next to a girl (Yurippe) shooting at a girl known as Angel.  Otonashi has no memory of anything (typical) and we learn through him about what is going on.  Everyone at the school is dead.  They are all typically ghosts who are stuck to be in high school because they regret their lives of when they were living.  So pretty much, this school is made up of people who have either died too early and never accomplished their dreams or people who have had a broken life and felt they were cheated out of living a normal life.  Then there are the other students (not a part of the main cast) who just go on with daily student activities as though they are in high school.  They are referred to as NPCs or Non-Playable Characters because they lack a soul.  If you are to try and fit in with these people, you lose your soul and become an NPC yourself.

If you die in this world, you just recover BUT you still feel all the pain associated with that death.  This leads to much hilarity.  The whole setting could most likely be hell from what I can tell.  The only way that someone can move on and disappear from this world is if they can fix what was wrong with their older lives.  But really, no one wants to disappear.  The main goal is to stay alive and keep from conforming to the NPCs in order to find out where God is.  They believe Angel, the one they are in constant battle with, is in direct contact with God so they try to best her at everything.  Angel’s motive is to make each of them disappear.




So I like to talk about the characters in an anime because I always find a few of them very fascinating to write about and point out for the viewer.  The most unusual character in this show is TK.

TK mostly speaks in english and his eyes are hidden under his forehead scarf.  He loves to dance and sing.  I am very curious to know what his back story is!  I honestly think they could have done a whole episode for each of the character’s backstories.  Though this could produce an anime that would be unbearable to watch seeing how each of their stories are unbelievably tragic..  TK could just be blocking out his memories by acting insane.  That’s my theory anyway.

I also really liked Angel.  She was the typical outcast of the show who talks very soft and never really smiles.  The thing that made her likable for me was that she was constantly opposed by the group without the group really knowing her full story.  Otonashi tries to reach out to her to be her friend since she is always so lonely.  Angel has a cool arsenal of weapons which she can just make appear from nowhere.  Her skills with the blade are very good, which makes for cool fight scenes.  I think the only one who is on par with her skills with a blade is Shiina, who is supposedly a ninja.

Apart from these two characters, some other notable ones are Noda, some guy who is very spontaneous and carries a pole arm where ever he goes.  Shiina who is a ninja with the catch phrase “That’s so shallow”.  Prone to falling victim to cute things.  Ayato was a very interesting character and his background is revealed along with a few others.  He can mind control people using a hypnotic stare (how he does this is never really explained other than he claims to be God).

There are many other characters with catch phrases and interesting backgrounds which make up the show, but these are my favorite 😀



Here are things I did like and things I didn’t like in this anime which I would like to talk about.  Don’t read any further if you have not finished watching the show.

So I really liked the episode 10 with Yui and Hinata.  I found that to be an extremely tragic but sweet ending.  Yui envisioning the events of what would have happened if she was alive and met Hinata truly touched my heart.  It played as though it was a flashback even though everyone knows it isn’t because they are all already dead.  Everytime I rewatch that scene, I get a little teary eyed.  I didn’t like Yui before this episode because she was so loud and obnoxious, but seeing her backstory shows why she is always so happy.  Reminds me a lot of John from Lost.

What I really didn’t understand too much was why there were no other new people entering the world?  Also how long were the other people in the world before Otonashi entered the scene?  Also how is Angel linked to a computer if she is also a human like everyone else?  Did they choose her because she only came to that place in order to say thanks to Otonashi?  I have no idea.

I also really wanted them to go into more depth on everyone’s backstory just a little bit.  We can only infer I guess.  I think that Shiina’s past life had to deal with losing a dog somehow, just because she finds them irresistible and died trying to save one in episode 2.  But I have no idea about what could possibly be the backstory for people like 5th dan.

Apart from all this, I think that this anime did an overall well job and I felt connected to each character and felt bad when they left one by one.  Especially that last episode!